The modern world has unfortunately seen a rise in the threats and risks to the security and well-being of members of society. This concern is particularly pertinent to VIPs, high net worth individuals, business leaders, corporate clients and high profile personalities in the arts and entertainment industry. History and experience has shown that the best method of reducing risk to individuals in those groups is by the employment of expert Close/Executive Protection operatives and teams.

Our approach to Close/Executive Protection ensures any risk to our clients is mitigated, whatever their situation or circumstances. All deployments of our Close Protection (CP) operatives involve a number of stages and elements that we believe is unique in the security industry.

This includes;

  • A comprehensive assessment is made of any risks or threats to the client, which fully factors in the client’s lifestyle, circumstances and requirements.
  • Upon completion of the assessment, recommendations are discussed with the client. This consultation will result in a plan of agreed and budgeted security measures.
  • Once deployed on a task, the lead CP operative will continuously carry out a dynamic assessment of the operation, and if necessary make further recommendations, which, again in consultation with the client, may be absorbed into the security measures.

At Aventail Security Ltd we only deploy experienced and professionally licensed CP operatives. They are intelligent and flexible and will uphold our company ethos of being polite, diplomatic and discreet. Aventail Security Ltd is both proud and confident that we offer a CP service that enables our clients to live and work in an environment that is as close to normal as possible.

Aventail Security Ltd offers Close Protection services at a competitive price, but without any compromise to excellence.

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